Our speakers! 


Kevin Antonis: "Living a magical life"

Kevin has devoted his entire life to the art of magic. Later he became fascinated by the world of theatre and musical as well.  He combines each magic effect within a performance to transform the piece into real magic. Magic that is build for the next century, which he will share with the TEDx audience.


Jeffer London: "Better Conversations for a Better world"

Don't talk at me. Don't talk to me. Talk with me. Jeffer London wants to have a conversation with you, to explore how conversations can provide inspiration, understanding and connection. Do you think a conversation can bridge diversity and complexity to build a better world? Jeffer does. And he's going to share his thoughts on how to be a better catalyst for conversation!

Alex Box: "Learning unlearning - Who told you you couldn't draw?"

Alex Box studied and exhibited as an installation artist before training to become a make-up artist; recognized for pushing and blurring the boundaries between technology, art, and commerce with both visionary digital collaborations, Alex serves as the creative director and co-founder of cult cosmetics line Illamasqua. Having learnt to confine in the dark to open herself to the light of happiness, Alex will speak about unlearning the learnt and how she became a play permission giver, building interactive art to help others find their lost play. 

Sophie Vangheel & Griet Geebelen: "Your cradle chooses you"

The place where your cradle stands determines the opportunities you get in life. In the Western civilization most children have the opportunity to go to school, study and build their own future. Children in developing countries do not... Sophie Vangheel founded her own developing-aid organization, Cunina, 25 years ago. In this talk, Sophie and colleague Griet will share their success stories on how education is the key to a brighter future. 


Bart Baggett: "The Neuro-Pathway to Happiness"

Author Bart Baggett is a true expert in the mind and how one can control his or her own happiness. There is new brain science suggesting the ability to re-write our own neuro-pathways to consistently feel happy… without requiring external validations, stimulation or chemical enhancement.  Using 3 simple daily habits, you can reprogram to wake up each day finding reasons to be happy… from the inside out. 

Ish Ait Hamou: "The Dance of Storytelling"

Ish Ait Hamou is a storyteller. As a prolific author, and international director and a choreographer for one of the most successful TV shows in Belgium. Ish writes, directs and dances stories. His life's journey of storytelling pushes the boundaries and creates a new and important art: "the dance of storytelling".


Dominique Nemery: "Answering our life path"

Dominique is an entrepreneur minded woman and she firmly believes that SMEs are the best solution to develop our countries.  With all the knowledge and experience she gained and her strong academic background with an engineering degree and an MBA in international finance and management, she is involved in different entrepreneurial organisations in Luxembourg. Dominique will share her life experience and why getting out of her comfort zone brings her more happiness!

Carl Fredrik Svenstedt: "Building the human environment"

Carl Fredrik Svenstedt, an architect and professor based in Paris, has received numerous commendations for his work, including the World Architecture Network House of the Year Award and the International Stone Architecture Award. Through his work with solid construction, Svenstedt asks questions on how to reinvent our man-made environment. Architects don't actually build buildings: they conceive them. It is an optimistic endeavour, inventing a future that doesn't exist yet. 

Thomas Backlund: "Streamlining life - How I quit my apartment to code from a tent in the forest."

Thomas arrived at a point in his life where he found a glass wall between him and where he wanted to go. With so much clutter and luggage a regular life comes with - what maneuvering room is there for change? This would be the story about how he managed by getting rid of a lot in life, to carve out enough maneuvering room to build an international company, albeit small, from a tent in the Swedish forests, powered by solar panels and with close to zero money.

Dirk Daenen.jpg

Dirk L. Daenen: TEDx Host

Dirk Daenen is Dean at the United Business Institutes - Brussels and guest lectures at universities around the world, including Vietnam National University, Tongji University in China. He regularly gives seminars at the European Parliament and Commission on Intercultural issues and consults for a range of Fortune’s Global 500 companies.