Our speakers!

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Dirk L. Daenen: TEDx Host

Dirk Daenen is Dean at the United Business Institutes - Brussels and guest lectures at universities around the world, including Vietnam National University, Tongji University in China. He regularly gives seminars at the European Parliament and Commission on Intercultural issues and consults for a range of Fortune’s Global 500 companies. 

Having lived and worked in Belgium, Brazil, China, France, Germany, UK and USA, he understood from a young age that cultures are diverse and the people that make them can not possibly be educated in a one-size fits all manner. He has a passion for intercultural communication and has researched diverse cultural presentation techniques to attempt to understand: “is there anything more important than Perception?


Savenaca Vocea: "Emotions of non-verbal communication"

Savenaca is a passionate and proud Fijian. He is intrigued about his history and heritage and having recently moved to Europe, he has noticed the huge difference between cultural, non-verbal communication.  While completing his higher education in Brussels, Savenaca plays international rugby for the national Belgium team in both 7s and 15s (aka the Black Devils). He understands, like all great sportsman before him, non-verbal communication can contribute to winning the match before the game has even started!


Jamie Mason Cohen: "How to spot a leader in their handwriting"

High school teacher and speaker at educational conferences across North America, Jamie Mason Cohen is the winner of the 2013 TED Education teaching contest for his entry, “The Sole Challenge”.   After years of working for Saturday Night Live in New York and directing an award-winning docudrama, The Barber of Kigali, Jamie created synergy between his knowledge and passion for entertainment, arts, media and a decade as a teacher, to generate revolutionary strategies for educators. 

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MADI: "Victim to Changemaker"

Madi is an Entrepreneur who founded and runs the Madi Group.  The philosophy is to create innovative ideas tailored to local action which can achieve global impacts beneficial to a sustainable society.  Her skill is to make others consider their ability to affect change.  It is now tagged #MadiEffect  “You must be the change you want to see” Ghandi  - “no excuses” Madi

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Roger Claessens: "Personal Branding in Finance"

Roger is an author, lecturer and a consultant for the financial services industry.  As a former international Marketing executive at Credit Lyonnais, Bank Nederland and Bank of America he consults at numerous banks including the European Investment Bank.  Roger has spoken at conferences in more than 30 countries but is especially proud to talk in Luxembourg, on his home soil, for TEDxUBIWiltz. 

Tai Lopez: "How to get Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and the Dalai Lama to mentor you"

Tai has traveled to 51 countries seeking out genius mentors and investing in the world's top entrepreneurs. He reads a book a day and writes a daily book summary for his 1.2 million book club members. He lived with the Amish for 2.5 years, is a member of MENSA (the high IQ society), became a self made millionaire in his 20's, and is a Certified Financial Planner. Tai has appeared on BRAVO TV, NBC Radio and at the London Business School among others. His past investments have been in finance, organic agriculture, real estate, nightclubs, online dating, the modeling industry, and an online business training subscription system.

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Abouzar Rahmani: "Venture Capital and Value Creation - the future of ethical investing"

Abouzar Rahmani is currently the CEO and Founder of ZHAR Venture a Dubai / Geneva based Private Equity Investment company. Abouzar started a number of international Food & Beverage companies based on the principles of healthy eating. His first company, Mani Foods was identified as a top Dubai SME by the Department of Economic Development. After selling some of the companies he created he realised that ethical value creation was the key to both personal and financial success. 

Jeremy Bellotti: "From Hopeless to Limitless"

 CEO & Founder of The FitLife Entrepreneur – inspiring entrepreneurs in daily mastery of body, mind, and financial freedom. Jeremy is also the Director of Affiliate Relations for AppGenius - dedicated to revolutionising app discovery and innovation. Following his strong belief in physical activity he is Senior Development Manager for Peace and Sport, an initiative under the High Patronage of HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco in efforts to utilise sport for global development

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Christophe Depaus: "Aikido, an alternative education system for humanity?"

Christophe Depaus is a mining engineer, philosopher of sciences, expert on nuclear international law and management of radioactive waste with a thirty years-long intensive Aikido training that brought him to reach the level of 5th dan at the young age of 37. His very different experiences reunited by a strong holistic approach allowed Christophe to develop his own vision of Aikido’s application on education and society that he proposes in his dojo since 2006.

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Maria Laptev: "Beyond the 'Smoke and Mirrors'"

Maria Laptev is the Executive Director to the European Centre for Public Affairs, a Brussels based think tank/platform for public affairs excellence bringing together corporates, associations and non-governmental associations as well as academics and Institutional contacts

Maria has worked in public affairs consultancy for over thirty years at Member State level and in the EU, with Charles Barker plc, GPC then Fleishman Hillard as well as for Hill and Knowlton, advising on specific issues as well as broader campaigns. She led, as Secretary General, the Recording Media Industry Association, involved with copyright levy legislation for 20 years. 


Melissa Rancourt: "The Kaleidoscope of our Mind"

Melissa is a serial entrepreneur who finds creating new ventures both addictive and tremendously fun.  Her newest business venture brings her into the field of well-being as she has recently purchased Serendip Spa and its associated brands headquartered in the heart of Brussels. She is a Public Speaker for TedX, United Nations, Keynote addresses, and Award Ceremonies throughout Europe and North America. In the past few years, she has appeared on US TV show Living Abroad, Bloomberg and Euronews.